“Prospect architects are passionate about architecture that makes an impact. We are committed to making spaces as striking and innovative as they are socially, economically and environmentally responsible.”

The practice was founded by Siobhán O’Connell MRIAI BArchSc in 2002. Prior to this she worked for award winning design practices locally & internationally, for example, designing a simple, locally built church in Kenya to a luxury penthouse in Barbados. Siobhán’s work has achieved local, national and international recognition for projects she has been involved in and collaborated with other practices throughout Europe and the UK.

In addition to her formal training in architecture and related sciences, her passion for the arts, the environment, antiquities and travel is conveyed in her work ethic, applying design and architectural techniques used around the world providing the inspiration and technical reference material to draw from when creating design solutions. Thus, making it possible for her to create a distinctive Architectural style to reflect the clients’ vision and design requirements.

Prospect architects are also committed to making a positive impact within the local community. We believe in a Corporate Social Responsibility and reflect this through supporting local charities, artists, craftspeople and providing mentoring in architecture and interior design to young architects and secondary school students. We are also involved in promoting local groups and cooperation with the local business community through membership of Limerick Chamber of Commerce, Limerick Networking, the Arts Council and Craft Council of Ireland to name but a few.

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